Another WMI tool

Having not so long ago wrote the post about WMI Code Creator I find there is another Microsoft tool called Scriptomatic 2 that does a very similar job and lists Python as a supports language. Again the download just extracts to a runnable file so no installer needed. My only issue was that it’s an hta file rather an executable and needs to be run an an administrator.

The screen layout is a little more efficient (click on the thumbnailScriptomatic 2 showing the processor usage on the right to get a full sized image). The Namespace defaults to root\CIMV2 and you can select the class from the drop down list the same as Code Creator.

The languages supported does include Python but uses win32com.client directly and produces a massive amount of code to do what my previous post did in 5 lines. Still you can just copy the WQL query and use it in your code.

What Scriptomatic gives you that Code Creator doesn’t the ability to run the WMI query and export it. Simply select the output format on the right and click Run. You may want to set the language to VBScript if you have problems. Also by changing the Target Computers list at the bottom you can query other computers rather than just the local one.


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