Calling AutoIt using COM

AutoIt is a scripting language that came about from the requirement to automate Windows GUI actions. It is commonly used to solve installation issues but that is not of much interest to us. What is a little more interesting is some of the functionality of AutoIt is available to external programs through AutoItX.

This comes as a DLL (well two, a 32- and 64-bit version) which you can call a function from or register the DLL to get a COM server. In this article I will use the COM interface which is documented nicely in the accompanying help file.

If you installed the whole AutoIt package it should register the DLL for you. If not change into the directory with the DLL and type in regsvr32.exe AutoItX3.dll (or AutoItX3_x64.dll for a 64-bit OS).

To check whether everything is set up correctly try the following example code. It just moves the currently active window to the top left hand corner of the screen. Gimmicky but fairly short.

import win32com.client
aitcom = win32com.client.Dispatch("AutoItX3.Control")

# get currently active window title and its x & y position
wintitle = aitcom.WinGetTitle("")
startx = aitcom.WinGetPosX(wintitle)
starty = aitcom.WinGetPosY(wintitle)

# tool tip - stays on the screen until cleared
aitcom.ToolTip("Currently active window: "+wintitle,startx+25,starty+25)

# move window to top left hand corner in steps
steps = 10
x = range(startx,0,-startx//steps)
y = range(starty,0,-starty//steps)
for i in range(1,steps):
aitcom.ToolTip("") # clear tool tip

Look through the documentation for more functionality and experiment.


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