Windows 10

A bit off topic but now that Windows 10 has been officially released I took advantage of the free upgrade. First impressions; better than 8.1 but not still doesn’t look as good as 7. Initially the start menu appears to be missing the useful menu on the right but these are accessible by right-clicking the start button.

One of the main reasons I’ve been using Windows 8 Pro was to get the integrated Hyper-V feature. After the upgrade I had completely lost the network. Although looking the same as a missing network driver, the cause was that neither TCP-IP v4 and file & print sharing had been enabled. Enabling TCP-IP v4 on the vEthernet adapter solved the connectivity problem. My homegroup is not working so little more digging is needed.

So how is Python. Well IDLE has vanished after the upgrade (a problem that also affects Windows 8 randomly). Other than it works as expected.


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