Python 3.6

Almost like a Christmas present, Python 3.6 has been released, just fifteen months after 3.5 was released (compared to an 18 month average for the 3.x branch). You can see the official what’s new page here, or if dry lists of features are not your thing, try this summary of the improvements. If nothing else the speed improvements might end one of the arguments for staying on v2.

What will be interesting to see is the take up of the asynchronous additions of Python 3.5 which have further been improved in 3.6. Node.js has shown just how efficient asynchronous programming can be and hopefully async / await can make this just as accessible in Python. If you’ve need seen these new keywords before, see this blog post for a decent introduction.

I’m hoping to investigate asynchronous programming in the New Year so there should be a post on here in the near future.


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