About me

My current role is trying to make DevOps a reality as an infrastructure engineer while doing all the usual systems administration that comes with keeping a company running. Previously as well as a sysadmin, I’ve also done configuration management and desktop support.

It often means I get interesting problems posed which seem easy enough when stated but do not seem to have any tools readily available to do the job. Not a fan on manually doing repetitive tasks (apart possibly on Monday mornings) I’ve been solving and automating a lot of these problems using Python which quickly became my preferred language of choice.

Some of the scripts I was creating used tricks or required knowledge that did not seem easily available. After I found myself repeatedly searching for the same information I decided to try and document this information. The easiest way to do this seemed to be the blog you are reading now.

While this attempt at documentation was purely for my benefit I hope others will find the information in this blog useful for them.

The one thing all this has done is reignited my desire for programming again. I am looking into starting or joining a larger project involving Python. I will put anything of interest on this blog.

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